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5 Different Occasions to Enjoy Wearing a Panama Hat

Classy HatThere’s no question that the Panama Hat is an icon in fashion. Hollywood stars and presidents alike have been wearing a Panama Hat for decades. The reason? It’s dashing, distinctive, and unique, and it is a must-have for your wardrobe. 

But how do you know when and where to wear one? Here’s a list to get your imagination started. 

Stay at Your Nearest Campground

When I go on a vacation, I always make sure to bring one of my Panama Hats along, especially when going camping. Whenever you feel adventurous, take a hike in any state park or relax, enjoying the sound of moving trees and chirping birds under the deep silence of the forest.

There is nothing better than sitting down in the company of nature’s tranquility, enjoying a good book, or just birdwatching. Regardless of the occasion, wearing a Panama Hat can give you the extra shade needed to protect your eyes. 

Take a Road Trip

Traveling with a Panama Hat is a great joy, especially on the sunny days of summer. Its light-weightedness and classy style will undoubtedly make you feel comfortable and look like a million bucks everywhere you go.

Hit the Beach 

One of the best times to wear a Panama Hat is while at the seaside. It offers protection from the sun and shields your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun. If you are worried about getting a sunburn on your face, it provides a stylish solution. 

Since it’s a straw Hat, it will keep you nice and cool. Plus, they’re constructed from palm leaves–their natural habitat is tropical nature! 

Enjoy an Outdoor Candle-lit Dinner

Is there anything better than showing up to dinner and enjoying a moment with warm yellow candlelight, a nice breeze, gourmet food, and wine? And, if you are lucky, it will be a clear, starry night. Now imagine this moment wearing a Panama Hat, for the right touch of elegance and sophistication.

A Panama Hat will do just that; it will make a great moment, enhanced leisure. Whether it’s by a river or in a park, dining al fresco is a treat. Be sure to top your outfit with a Panama Hat, and life is a breeze.

Go to Sporting Event wearing a Panama Hat

If you are going to a sporting event this season, skip the obvious choice of wearing a sporty baseball cap. Instead, opt for something with panache, like a Panama Hat. It goes great with shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers. 

Bonus: Cruise Vacation

Leave all your problems behind by sailing off into the sunset on a cruise with your Panama Hat. I love sitting in the sun and listening to the sound of the waves for hours, with an endless vista of water and quiet. 

Ready for Wearing a Panama Hat? 

The beauty of a Panama Hat is that men and women can wear it with casual and dressy ensembles. It’s a versatile item that pairs beautifully with everything from suits to shorts. Its sophisticated style will elevate any outfit while protecting you from the sun. 

As you can see, the Panama Hat is perfect for many occasions. If you are interested in finding the perfect Panama Hat for your adventures, browse the wide selection in our store.

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