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Care Guide

How can you make your Panama Hat last longer?

Panama Hats are a work of art made by the hands of a talented artisan that put much time and effort into making them beautiful and unique. These hats are made with natural fibers and you could potentially damage the straws if mishandling happens over time. To have your hat looking its best longer these are some tips you should follow:

Keep your hat on the highest point

I personally bought a hat rack for my hats, this way my Panama Hats can always be away from any foreign danger. Panama Hats are thin and flexible, the last thing I want is for a pillow to be resting or a visitor’s bottom weighing on it.

To put it differently, you must not put heavy objects on any surface of a Panama Hat. This could potentially deform it. Now, accidents happen, sometimes more than one time. So I am going to share some tips to remove small wrinkles or regain the hat’s shape.

Reclaim those flat brims

It’s painful to see when one of my Panama Hats is getting a good old squish. Try doing the following to get a shot at getting your flat brim back.

Place a lightly damped cloth on the hat’s crease area. Make sure is not too wet as the hat will start absorbing humidity once you put the iron on it. Use the iron at a very moderate temperature and press against a flat soft surface. Press a couple of times and remove the cloth to let it breathe, then repeat. Some creases are harder to get rid of, so you can try doing it in parts giving the straw hat breaks in between.

The crown is a bit more tricky, but you can use the same set of instructions we used for the brims. Getting creative is the name of the game, find a corner or an edge to serve as pressing support. This can help shape the top part of your hat while pressing down with your iron and lightly damped cloth.

Treat it like a fine handwoven hat

We all have that hat that would take a beating. The one you can use while gardening or the one you carry around while running errands. I love those hats. That’s in part what makes my Panama Hats special, they are handmade for special occasions. A pool party event or a candle-light dinner, are just a couple of ideas while thinking of a Panama Hat-worthy moment.

With that premise, let me share a habit I still have until this day. While I still love carrying my fedora hats with a good tight grip on the top of the crown, I became more selective once I started using Panama Hats

With this said, avoid pinching your Panama Hat by the crown, or anywhere for that matter. It is recommended to gently grab it from the top with an open-soft grip or from the brims without the need of pulling. Remember, these hats are handmade with natural fibers. If too dry, the straws can be easily broken.

Keep your Panama Hat at moderate moisture levels

Speaking of dry straws, it’s recommended to keep your Panama Hat in a room with moderate levels of temperature and moistureNever leave your Panama Hat in a hot enclosed environment, like a car. The straws could dry up and become more prone to break. 

Closets are a great place to keep them healthy, just make sure to give them enough space to breathe and maintain their shape. Our travel hat boxes are great for storing.

Bending or folding is also not a good idea

Many know that Panama Hats are well known for its “rollable” features. However, we don’t recommend doing this as it can deform the hat’s original shape. If you are really eager to roll up your hat, here are some tips you can follow. Do keep in mind that we are not responsible for any damages this may cause.

Moreover, if you want to reshape your Panama Hat brim up or down, do it in a rolling pattern, like a scroll map or a diploma. Do this gently to obtain the desired shape, remember to avoid the pinch. If you want to maintain the original shape of the hat, avoid bending or straining too much or too often.

If you need to store it safely while traveling, you can use the travel hat box. No need for rolling your hats anymore.

Keep your hat dry

It is recommended to not use your hat under rainy conditions, it will lose its shape if it gets wet. Don’t let it come in contact with water in any way. Again, accidents happen, so in the event that your Panama Hats get wet, leave them under the shade. If possible, use a hat stretcher until it has dried, this will help avoid your Panama Hat shrinking.

Another way to get your hat wet is by wearing it for long periods of time on really hot days. For this, we recommend using headwear liners to absorb your sweat and keep the straw protected.

How to clean a Panama Hat

If your Panama Hat got a little dirt or marks that are easy to clean, you can try cleaning them using a soft lightly damp cloth. You can add a small amount of watered-down white soap to rub off the mark. Do this very gently. In this manner, you could also try using a white eraser.


I hope these tips are not too hard to follow. If applied right you can enjoy your Panama Hats for a long time. If you have any concerns write to us below, we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Cheers!

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