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Panama Hats for summer styles and how to go about them

panama Hat StyleSpring and summer are upon us! It’s time to break out those Panama Hats for summer styles!

One of the most relaxed styles you can rock is Panama hats for summer. They are the perfect fashion statement while sipping your favorite summer drink. Read our guide on what to wear during the summer below!

Fit Your Face

Is your face more round or narrow? Is it more of a square or rectangle? When picking out Panama hats for the summer, start with the cut of your face.

For a rounder face, go for a larger brim. You want the hat to appear taller as well for round or square faces. Go with a light color and a narrower hat band as well.

If you’re smaller in stature, then a smaller brim will work for you. The trick is to try a few different styles and become comfortable wearing them to amp up your summer styles.

Post Classic

If you’re wondering what to wear during the summer, go for a pop of color. Avoid traditional shapes to liven up the freshness as well.

The most traditional known is the cream fedora style with a black ribbon. Why not go for a trilby (narrow brim, high crown) or pork pie for your post-pandemic summer styles? Get ready to rock these Panama hats for the summer! 

Crave Quality

Sure, you can go the cheap route, but it’ll cost you in the end. The fineness of the weave is what you’re after here.

You want a tight, narrow weave. These are not only lighter and more flexible but offer much more craftsmanship to make. You will pay more, but your summer styles of 2021 have never looked so good!

Just make sure you take proper care of your Panama hats for summer. When traveling, you can easily store them rolled as well.

Flaunt It

The Panama hat is the perfect accessory for your summer styles. It’s ideal because it goes with anything!

You can create a sophisticated look coupled with a cream linen suit and buckskin shoes. If you are spending time at the beach, put on some swim shorts and a light button-downed shirt.

How you wear your Panama Hat matters, have it flat for a classic traditional look and angled for a dapper style.

Perfect Fit

You want to make sure your Panama hats for the summer fit properly. Make sure it fits comfortably without the need to jam it on your noggin.

You want it snug but also not too loose. You don’t want your hat to fly off or move around too much.

Take your time when choosing a hat. It will almost be as if the hat chooses you. You will know the right fit when you feel it.

Panama Hats for Summer

Ready to wear your Panama hats for the summer? We thought so! We hope you enjoyed our guide to get you geared up for the warmer months.

Be sure to read our blog to keep up with our summer fashion tips. From there, you can head on over to our Panama Hats shop and see what strikes your fancy!

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