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Panama Hat Care: Keep Looking Better for Longer

Like everything worth having, be it a luxury car, an expensive watch, or even a nice pair of shoes, attention and safekeeping are a must. Would you buy a Balenciaga sweater only to stick it in the dirty hamper? My motto is craftmanship deserves better. Enter Panama hats that, without a shadow of a doubt, also fall in that category. Oh yeah! Rest assured, my friends, Panama Hat care is a must. 

We’re not ones to toot our own horn, but if you’re reading this, you know Panama hats are not only stylish but also a piece of textile art. As a result, it deserves all the care one can give it. Therefore, and because we want you back for all the right reasons, here are the three most common practices to lengthen the life and beauty of the already durable hat. 

Care tip number 1: A clean hat is a happy hat. 

Clean Hats

Nothing major here. If nothing else, remember this “Gentle” is the name of the game. A soft, damp cloth with very mild soap or a white eraser will do the trick. Above all, always bear in mind never to soak the hat.

Care tip number 2: They’re a travel companion. 

Travel Companion

The great thing about Panama hats is their versatility. I’ve worn them from the beaches of Thailand, Mount Sutro in San Francisco, to the streets of New York City. And every time I traveled with it, I traveled with the hat where it belongs, in my head. In other words, avoid flatting it inside your luggage by your clothes. 

Care tip number 3: It’s a luxury hat, not a baseball cap.

Luxury Hats

The hat should come with a warning “Keep it away from children.” All jokes aside, that is to say, bending and straining are big no-nos. However, the good news is that if the worst came to happen, re-shaping is always an option. Keep in mind, just like in tip number 1, “Gentle” is the name of the game. 

In conclusion, follow these simple Panama hat care tips, and as a result, not only will you appreciate us as much as we care for you, the hats will love you back. For more tips and a more elaborate explanation, click here

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