Panama Hats 101: Tips to Know When Buying One

Hats, especially Panama Hats, are making a huge comeback. But before we begin, let’s not ignore that hats have always been the crown jewel of dressing attire. A curious note: Julius Caesar used to wear a wreath of laurel to hide his receding hairline.

Yes, back then, the wreath symbolized triumph for those the senate considered, well, triumphant. But the wreath was only supposed to be worn occasionally or during the ceremony. Caesar wore it all the time.

Now back to our original topic, from kings to paupers, from Pharaohs to artists, throughout our history, hats have always been an essential item of clothing. We can’t ignore the 70’s when the youth, as a sign of rebellion, decided that hats were a synonym of the establishment and replaced them with long hair and hairspray.

Further zeroing in at the crux of this article, when buying Panama Hats, there are helpful tips to know. At its core, it boils down to two categories: head shape and Panama hat style.

Allow me to include this little piece of unrequired advice for all those buying Panama Hats for the first time. Always, always, always pick authenticity over dollars. In this equation, an authentic Panama Hat equals quality and finish.

Once you’ve owned a few hats, you sure realize the level of attention they get, and by extension, so do you. So choose wisely. Know that we know the good ol’ adage of quality over price, let delve.

Tip number 1: know your head shape

There are several head shapes and, when buying hats, knowing your own is of tremendous help. On the other hand, If you don’t, don’t be afraid. I’m here for you. Here are the most common head shapes: round, oval, square, diamond, oblong, and triangular.

Round shape: The title certainly gives the description away. Keep in mind, you could weigh 105 lbs, and still, you could have a round face. Round doesn’t mean overweight.

Oval shape: In short, long and narrow

Square: From the jaw to the forehead is all about the angles. A 90 degrees jaw, a 90 degrees forehead. Symmetry all around the face.

Diamond shape: Long and narrow but with a pointy chin.

Oblong Shape: My favorite, and I’ll let you guess why. This one comes with a “big forehead.”

Triangle: Wide at the base. Meaning: big jaw.

Tip number 2: Panama hat style

As you may already know, the weave count is what sets how fine a Panama Hat is. This could get complex so we can talk about this in a different article, for now, let’s just attribute weave fineness to quality.

For style, let’s keep it short and sweet. Three features characterized Panama Hat styles. Crown shape, brim size, and color. As an example, the most popular authentic Panama Hat style is the classic fedora with a short and wide brim, generally of white and natural color.

Fortunately, we know everyone has their one sense of style, for that, we count on a wide range of Panama Hat styles for you to choose to give every style the chance to thrive.

Lastly; another piece of unrequired advice. It never hurts to measure your head. In case you were wondering how to measure your head, here it is.

Using a measuring tape or a piece of string, record the circumference of your head. Starting in the middle of your forehead and going around your head approximately 1 cm above your ears.

Afterwards, with this information, use our guide table to get your exact size.

I hope all my ramblings have shed some light and made the buying process easy for you. If you do have any questions, feel free to contact us below, and rest assured, we will have your back.

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