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Panama Hats For Men Hollywood Edition: Your Clothes Speaks

Panama Hats for men paint a picture. This picture reflects not only your image but your personality too. Let’s talk about what your clothes say about you.

I don’t know if you’ve heard this adage before, but it is true, everything around you is a reflection of who you are. Oh, trust me, it’s true. What you have, or don’t have, in your apartment, the movies you like, the music you listen to, and your friends, are all reflections of your personality. Whether we do it knowingly or not, we tend to gravitate toward the things that gravitate toward us. 

Your clothes are not an exception. From the shoes you wear to the watches you buy, to the cologne you spay upon yourself, they all tell a tale. Panama hats for men reveal a story too. They announce who you are, what you like, and how you view yourself. 

Here are a few examples of what those stories might be.

Wide Brim Andean Wool Hats for men

I have five words: Andy Garcia in the Untouchables. A guy who place by the rules. An enforcer who likes structure. You appreciate categorization and order. You take to planning ahead of time, whatever it might be. Call it your day, your grocery shopping, or your vacation; you like to know where you’re going before you get there. You strive to have control over the aspects of your life that are within your control. Next, you are happy to help and to be a team player. You may rise as a natural leader in any group, but taking a cooperative role is well within your grasp. And you excel at both. 

White Teardrop Panama Hat

This option of Panama Hats for Men is clearly Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby. 

Like Gatsby, you have a tendency towards opulence. The mystery is also a part of you. Whether consciously or otherwise, you are a reserved person. Moreover, you are not shackled nor bound by rules. Surely you will break them to achieve what you want. But only if you find it necessary, of course. Also, you’re known to enjoy a party or two. Not unlike Gatsby, you have within you the ability to dedicate yourself to achievement and wealth. Hyperfocused and driven, you might not completely fit a pre-conceived stereotype or model of society, but you don’t care. You go as you please. 

Short Teardrop Panama Hats for men

Remember Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No. A symbol of hyper-masculinity, James Bond, is as much a part of pop culture as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Beyonce. Therefore little information about the character is needed. Yet here we go. 

Masculine, a man’s man with a great sense of style. No, I’m not talking about Bond; I’m talking about you and your choice. You have a strong personality. Which, to be honest, sets you aside. You see the river’s current, and you are not afraid to swim against it. If necessary and productive to you, that is. You can be compromising but make no mistake when it comes to your core values; it’s your way or the highway.

Short Brim Panama Hats for men

An artist at heart. Think Sammy Davis Jr. and the Rat Pack. Sammy Davis Jr. is considered one of the greatest entertainers in our history. Side note, legend says that they got their name from Lauren Bacall.  

Life and choices can take us in a million different directions in life. I’m not saying that you are an artist nor that you want to be. Maybe you’re an accountant, a fighter, or a police officer. But you definitely have artistic tendencies. In fact, I care to venture you are cultured as well. Indeed you enjoy a concert, a good book, and Francis Ford Coppola. Please feel free to namedrop your favorite artist, your favorite Hemingway book, or movie quote.

There are way too many hat options to write about in only one post. Since I want this post to be an easy and quick read, I feel I reached a natural conclusion. At least for the above post. This one is just an appetizer with more to come. In short, I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it.

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