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Tagua: A Sustainable Ivory Alternative

Summer Vacation Panama HatThe practice of ivory poaching is responsible for the loss of African Forest Elephants. How can you support these vulnerable creatures? The answer is Ecuadorean Tagua. It has the look of smooth and beautiful ivory, and the best part is that animals are not harmed during harvesting! 

By the year 2021, the African Forest Elephant have been critically endangered. Over the past decade, the population has continued to decline. At this rate, these beautiful species might vanish in our lifetime. 

If you are curious about this amazing tropical seed called “tagua”? Read on to learn more about accessories as an alternative to ivory and ways you can accessorize with its jewelry.

What Is Tagua? 

Craftspeople in Ecuador call it “the vegetable ivory.” This organic material is the seed of a tagua palm, also called an ivory palm. These gorgeous trees grow in the lush rainforests of Ecuador and the surrounding countries, and seeds are abundant. 

We all know that trees are an essential force for eliminating the harsh effects of climate change on our air quality. However, tagua palms are not harmed in any way when locals harvest their seeds for crafts. On the contrary, after extracting the seeds, the trees continue to grow and produce more seeds, making them a sustainable source of this attractive, ivory-like material. 

Every tagua accessory you purchase supports an Ecuadorean laborer or crafter and allows another elephant to live unharmed. The propagation of these trees supports clean air and the conservation of the rainforest. If you purchase and wear these accessories, you are not only fashionable – you’re a hero! 

Tagua Accessories You Will Love 

Because tagua is a unique, organic material, there are natural variations in each seed. This ensures that your accessories will be unique art pieces that no one can replicate. Even when based on the same basic design, no two tagua designs are alike! 

A beautiful feature of tagua is its ability to absorb any color. Tagua jewelry is bright and seems to transcend the quality of ivory with its luminous properties. It is sure to attract compliments and interest, which will allow you to speak to its sustainable nature!

A handmade tagua bracelet or necklace is a beautiful gift for any jewelry lover. You will amaze any recipient with the story behind the unique handcrafted piece of wearable art. Because of the number of colors available, you are sure to find a piece that suits every jewelry lover!

The best part? Even with all of the artistry and sustainable practices, these future heirloom pieces are affordable. Thus, you will be supporting sustainability, conservation, and creating a positive quality of life for Ecuadorean craftspeople! 

Accessorize Sustainably

Once you learn about Tagua, it can be difficult to go back to ivory jewelry. Luckily, you won’t have to. Many beautiful pieces are available in the Zinglife online store in an impressive range of colors and designs. 

If you are ready to add some Tagua accessories to your collection, visit the Zinglife shop today. You are sure to find a piece that you can feel good about wearing or gifting! So get ready to save the world and look good doing it!

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